A couple of curries

just a couple of curries for supper..

First one I am trying out this jar of Rajasthani sauce.. Trying to recreate that wonderful food we had on our fantastic Indian adventures..

A new one on me was to first fry the meat.. Then and half a litre of water and boil it down till it disappears! Does it make a difference ? Why do it? I have no ffing idea!

So did that anyways.. Then added the sauce jar.. Rather good when boiled down to a nice thick consistency..


Then a veggie one.. Potatoes, fine French green beans and peas.. 

Starting by frying off shallots .. Those echallion ones.. 

Adding some garlic and ginger paste while the potatoes boiled..and some kitchen king spice powder.. That stuff is awesome! And some dried fenugreek ..Plus a squizzle of fresh lemon.. Some water ..

 Cooked down hard.. 


Till it gets sticky and has crispy bits underneath..

And breads of course..  Just made with atta flour , a little salt and sugar and warm water.. 


Finally a drop of culinary yoghurt with some podina powder and Spanish ridge cucumber..And some steamed basmati with desi ghee and tiny cauliflower, peas and carrots ..

 There you have it..,

A couple of curries.., 👍🎯

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  1. So devoted to the curry!! I reckon the boiling down of the water is just to help flavours develop and intensify much like reducing a beef stock into a jus. That’s just what I reckon 😜

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  2. Happy New Year, your curries look delicious!!

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  3. Happy 2016 Mr Fitz. Thanks as ever for the inspiration.

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