Turns out #tacothursday is the new #tacotuesday who knew huh?.. 

So there we have it..

#tacothursday is the new #tacotuesday .. Really? For real? 

Umm well let’s call that a wee bit unconfirmed as such for now and all that… 

However it certainly was #tacothursday for us… 

Skirt steak.. Wonderful wonderful skirt steak.. Sliced against the grain.. Tumbled in fajita spice mix and a little cornflour..


And fried off in of course delightful @mrsmiddletons oil .. In good ol’ #unclebens wok.. That wok.. Free back in 2000 with two jars of sauce.. It’s seen some things in its time.. If only woks could talk! 


Ok.. We could have ironed panned the meat.. Yet this way you get a great crisp outer and then a super soft inner.. Make sense? Hey it’s #tacothursday right? I don’t make the rules… 

A few bits to go with… 

Mixed peppers diced up with jalapeños .. Greek yoghurt with southern cyprus salt.. Heirloom yellow and red tomatoes with onion and fresh coriander with @meatlust #meatlust sweet green chilli sauce.. And some shredded red gem lettuce..

All that has to tick the ‘5-a-day’ box right?

Hard corn taco shells hotted up perfectly by chef ping.. 

Built up as you wish..  I always drop a little shredded lettuce in the base to catch any super juices… Kinda like this! 


#haveityourway #freedomfood 





Oh! Oh! And check out this really cool shot by our pal when he was out fishing… 


Yup indeedy.. 

That’s a #blueshark 



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4 replies

  1. I’ll take a taco ANY day of the week!


  2. Blue shark on Willen Lake:)) ?? Xx

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