Optigrill frenched lamb chops, whipped cream potatoes, French lamby peas and carrots 

So we have this optigrill.. Have you seen them? 


We have had it a while.. It was originally to replace the toasted sandwich maker .. These things happen huh? 😶

It’s pretty neat.. Very tevhy looking! Funky lights tell you when it is at perfect temperature , you then select the pre programme for the meat you have.. Then you pop the meat onto the grill .. The lights change colour to tell you the doneness .. and it actually works!!!

So having these French trimmed red ticket lamb chops.. They get an outing on the #notusedasoftenasitshouldbe grill..

And cooked to a perfect medium! Seriously.. A perfect medium.. 

Clever chaps them over at #tefal !

The potatoes simply peeled and boiled.. then salt pepper , butter and double cream added.. They go super whipped courtesy of Mrs Fitz


The lamby peas are simple.. Excellent French canned crinkle cut carrots and peas.. boiled in their own briney goodness.. with some crumbled lamb stock cube.. and the juices from the cooked and now resting choppies.. Oh and some unpasteurised unsalted butter.. 😏
Plated up.. The cooking juice from the veggies is boiled hard to thicken just a little. (That’s helped by adding a spoon of the whipped potatoes).. And becomes a delicious gravy of sorts.. And with a few drops of balsamic chilli glaze it’s complete.. 

And darn delicious!


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  1. Optigrill… Sounds like the start of a new range of kitchenware transformers 😜

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