Over condimented laab namtok mixed noodles lettuce cup salad

try saying that title a bunch of times right?? 

Yet how else to explain this wonderful supper that basically uses all the seasonings that you can hold at once from the cupboard.. 

That is why it is possibly.. Well indeededly ‘over condimented’. 

Start with some red ticket baby gem.. Taking each of the leaves out to make the cups.. Who doesn’t like lettuce cups huh? Lettuce cups are great!

Then add more salady things.. Green onions, orange Romano pepper, coriander, shredded carrot, baby vine tomatoes.. And possibly more.. 

It’s a bit of a blur now.. A distant con-dee-ment-ed memory.. 

I took two types of noodles, udon and yakisoba, they come in these neat packets that means all you need to go is run kettle hot water through them to heat them.. 

I wanted them just a little crispy though so fried them in Uncle Bens wok with Mrs Middletons pimped up Italian chilli oil.. 

Then a dash of soy sauce and a splash of fish sauce..finally some drops of sesame oil..


Already getting kinda condimented up.. The lettuce cup salad needs more! so ketjap manis, Korean chilli sauce in little chilli hot bombs, 

 Then adding the seasoned noodles.. And a good squizzle of siracha.. That will wake things up for sure! 

Finally the laab.. Taken from the indoor freezer..you can find that here..

Chef Ping hotted it up expertly for me.. Then sprinkled all over the over condimented lettuce cup noodle salad..


With all those flavours going on it was a true mouth party.. A serious mouth party! 🙌💥🎉

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  1. Complimenties on the condimenties:) nice blog. J James Martin leaving Saturday Kitchen. You should replace him. Xx

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