Oh it’s hot! So hot! #Easyeats

Not the food the weather.. !

We are having a mini heatwave.. 

Which of course also equals a mini breakdown! Our country is in chaos! 

I really rather like this relentless heat.. Just make sure that plenty of water is taken on board …

So what to eat in this kind of situation? 

Something fresh and easy.. #easyeats 

Roast chicken.. Always a winner , new potatoes in a small amount of French butter (no seriously it really was😋).. 

With scorched little gem lettuce .. I absolute adore this.. Just taking lettuce.. Chopping into pieces.. And cooking on the iron pan with no oil ..



Plated up with some pukka chilli sauce, balsamic vinegar drops.. 

It’s so so simple yet so so tasty!

Just perfect for this kinda weather!

Right.. Now just where did I put that ice bucket… 

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  1. Light and delicious for a hot day!


  2. This post is written by a happy person:)) xx

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