Keema spring rolls , Arabic salad.. A complete winner! 

This is one of those positive mashups that sometimes just happen.. 

Mrs Fitz had made this stunning keema.. (She rely is rather good at it!).. Oh! For those that are unsure what a keema is.. It’s spiced minced meat.. Normally we have it with peas.. This time it was with fine French beans .. And delicious! 

I was planning on making samosas with the left overs.. Instead of making the triangle.. Something told me to roll it up instead! (Adding  some dried mango powder for extra mouth yumminess! 

Fried off in uncle bens wok with Mrs middletons oil of course.. 

A salad made with ‘stuff’ .. And seasoned with Arabic salad seasoning.. Good storecupboard item that stuff!

With some tatziki..garlic and tomato sauce , and pomegranate sauce..


Simply #fabulousfood !


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