Top Rump Steak and chips , scorched gem lettuce French style peas and carrots 

steak and chips..

That classic .. Known all over the (beef eating) world.. 

And one of Mrs Fitz’s favourite things.. 

First though the scorched lettuce.. Have you ever had scorched lettuce? 


Well you should! 

I think it really needs to be of the gem variety red or straight up.. 

Either way it needs to go into a hot pan no oil and turned.. 

Adding finely chopped red onion .. 

A can of French peas and carrots great brand those.. With half of the can juice added..


A super hot pan and red ticket top rump sliced, dusted in steak house spices and then a splash of Worcestershire sauce.. ( and of course a slap! of French salted butter..)

And then the fabulous fries… 

Part skin on .. Fried off in uncle bens wok.. With Mrs Miiddletons oil.. 


They are superb dusted in Piri Piri salt and some fruit vinegar.. And of course drained on IKEA paper!

Let’s have another look at that scorched lettuce huh?


Yeah that’s cool…  


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