Vegetarian noodle Stir fry and sprung rolls 

sprung rolls? Dont I mean ‘spring rolls’? Nope .. You will see..  There are two dishes here… A tale of two fabulous foods! 

First was a stirfry.. Mr Fitz is a little concerned that I need to up my veg consumption.. So this was a veg fix.. (And I was happy with that!).. 

Great chanterelle mushrooms make this a proper winner.. And with a touch of mushroom xo paste.. It makes what seems a basic dish a true delight.. 

Well what can I say about stirfry huh?

Take the stuff you want.. Toss in a very hot uncle bens wok.. Adding sauces.. Umm that’s it! 


NOW here is where it gets very exciting..Mrs Fitz in that still encouraging me to eat more vegetables has this idea spring to mind.. So that’s where the sprung rolls come into play! 

Ok.. taking the leftover noodle stirfry and rolling it up in Chinese store bought wrappers…


  Frying off in straight up #mrsmiddletons local oil.. 
With a dipping sauce made with store cupboard ingredients, Japanese soy, Korean chilli sauce, fish sauce, Chinese black vinegar, snipped welsh garden chives, some chilli chow oil and some other bits… A squidge of siracha too.. 

Now if this is eating vegetables? I am a very happy choppy indeedy! 


I did roast this lovely local free range hog the following day… Ahem… 😏



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  1. We both designed our own spring rolls this week! Cheers!


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