There ain’t no curry like a Mr Fitz curry..

curry time!!

After chopping out the breasts of the hounds chicken.. ( they will never notice!).. 

Fried off white onions swapped from a neighbour for a good meaty bone for their dog.. Fried in ghee of course! 

The bits of chicken were tumbled in chicken curry spices scored from the Asian store near us.. Couldn’t tell you the brand yet it’s the same brand that do excellent kitchen king spices.. I really like these ones as they don’t add salt for weight, which also means that it doesn’t need a massive shake up before using.. And I suppose it means you can use as much or as little as you choose.. I go for a nice fine table salt.. 

All fried up.. Then a slurry of tomato paste , no fat yoghurt and some water.. This is the only liquid… 

Blip blip blip until the oil separates from the dish.. Good that.. It works on any curry.. The oil comes up to the top clear and it’s done.. Just make sure a little stir from time to time to ensure no sticking ..

Onto the breads .. As we all know that meat curry is best left a while then reheated …

Simple bread of atta flour .. Water and that’s it… Keep working it till it goes silky softy lovely ..

Roll out into squares…  And cook on the flat iron plate..

They get rubbed with unsalted French butter for more taste.. 

And a few popadoms fire roasted .. Just mind your fingers ! 

All served up with a food dollop of geetas mango chutney! ( thinking of you Father!).. 


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  1. Can’t get Geetas at usual shop, so will have to look elsewhere. X

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