Let’s go old school with extras .. Smoked back leg ham hock, smuggled Italian herbs, spuds, carrots and onions… With parsley and heavy milk chanterelle sauce! 

That title just there .. 

That’s enough to make me rather hungry.. 

Having scored an excellent local freerange antibiotic free back hock that has also been locally smoked.. 

Plus some freebies of local veg that unfortunately would be left off the shops shelves.. Plus managing to get my hands on some wonderful chanterelles .. and the jar of smuggled Italian dried herbs.. 

It’s a classic .. With some twists 

First peel and take away the not so nice bits of the veggies.. 

Then pack it all into the pressure cooker with the Italian herbs and water.. No salt needed..

Locked down and cooked on the whistles for a full hour.. When cooking under pressure I apply the rule of one third of the time you would pop it in the oven or summer for.. This hock does not need skimming .. No nasties to come out! 

Then help the pressure release… 

We are lucky enough to have a setting that assists this.. 

Lifting out the veggies and the ham.. It always surprises me that the veggies don’t go mushy! ( ok be very delicate with them!).. 

The hock when you can handle it skin it.. With the gazing eyes of the wonderful hounds.. ( yeah they got good enough portions! ).. 


The meat is ‘pulled’ not in the super fashionable affair.. 

Then the sauce made with heavy milk , dried parsley  and the chopped chanterelles..


This is a seriously fabulous sauce people.. Seriously fabulous..

Now.. Ok.. You could delicately arrange the veggies the meat and the sauce.. 

I like the old school big spoons of it.. 


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