Rotisserie chicken tacos

Those great rotisserie chickens are serving us real well..

And this outing is chicken tacos..

The nice non googly chicken bits are spiced with taco spices.. Peppers and onions fried with some cumin .. All mixed together.. That smells brilliant!

All fried up good..

To go with?

A salsa from Isle of Man tomatoes, great onions, cayenne chilli’s grown by a pal up the road.. Coriander, parsley , lime juice and black pepper, Cornish salt and a pinch of sugar.. White wine vinegar and wow! It’s Tasting fresh and zingy!

The breads made with the fantastic mrs Middletons flour.. Two cups, water two thirds of a cup, olive oil a quarter cup , salt sugar and baking powder..

Kneaded .. Rolled out and cooked on the iron pan.. After each is cooked they are placed into a ziplock bag.. This a new one on me.. Yet does keep them very soft ..

All wrapped up.. Sour cream atop.. And some jalepenos ..


Thanks rotisserie chickens! IMG_6838.JPG





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7 replies

  1. Omg. I can’t even imagine what those tasted like. I’d love to try some of those. Never thought of putting rotisserie chicken into a taco!


  2. These breads look a zillion times better than tortillas, I have to say. I can’t get the flatbread thing yet, keeps getting to doughy on me and thick. Will keep trying.


  3. Those birds are serving you well indeed!


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