Rotisserie chicken pie

What to do when your favourite store has red ticket free range organic rotisserie chucks on stoopid offer?

Buy them all of course!! (I was once told that this was a false economy.. nonsense!).. You just have to plan ahead a bit..

There were four that I could purchase..

The timing couldn’t have been better..

Four really nice ‘perfectly’ rotisseried birds.. I cannot share the price with you as I do not want my sources to get in trouble .. Yet each free range organic chuck was less than a can of Pepsi .. !!!!! Amaaaazzziinngg huh?

So what to do with them ?

Firstly.. Donate one to a friend therefore passing on the fortune and appeasing the discount gods ..

Next one break up for the hounds supper.. Spoiling them? Why of course. .. Four suppers they will have out of one chuck.. False economy ? Really?

Next one break up for us..

Two tubs made for tacos.. Simply chicken and taco spices. All ready to go.. (Guess what Monday’s lunch is?)

And chop up some bits for a pie..

Making a sauce with sauce flour .. I really do not know what sauce flour actually is.. The ingredients just state wheat flour.. It sure does the job though! Milk and wine added to make a thick sauce.. The chicken and seasoning added.. and z drained can if mixed veg.. always good to have one in the cupboard I reckon..

The pastry? Red ticket out if the freezer.. Shortcrust rolled out onto the pie plate. A well used and well appreciated purchase ..

This is a proper pie.. Pastry on the top and the bottom ..

Brushed with milk first. Then into the fridge to chill..

Before popping it into the oven a wash with a burford buff yolk to give it an amazing colour.. Check that out!!

The pie cooked, remembering all the filling is already cooked ..

A search for spuds in unlikely pmaces now.. A bit like an Easter egg hunt..

Found some in the old bath tub..and some in a box.. That will do!

Some bobby beans that a pal gave me from his garden.

All mixed together with miso butter.. Chef ping ensuring it all melted together nicely.. ( also ensuring that there were a few leftover for a bit of breakfast bubble..)

The total cost of this supper?

Negligible !










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31 replies

  1. I’m in love with that perfect golden brown color!! Awesome!


  2. Really tempting glaze on the pie. How much role the yolks had I am not sure, but your pampering the friend and the hounds sure did the trick 😀


  3. Damn !! that’s one gorgeous looking pie !!


  4. Looks amazing! I love a good chicken pie.


  5. Your teasing me with this meal crickey I just ate and am hungry again!!


  6. I very much like that there is only chicken and sauce in the actual pie . . . . let’s keep the veg separate. That is one beautiful pie top, too. How long do you let it sit in the fridge to “gel.” ?


  7. Oh and sauce flour is very finely milled. I thought that it also had some cornstarch in it but it seems not…


  8. A very handsome pie and a very astute purchase!! Is chef ping the microwave?


  9. Oh that looks good! Do you grow your spuds in a bathtub??


  10. That is a damn fine looking pie, my friend. Me want! 🙂


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