Sunday breakfast meat treat

Sunday breakfasts should indeed be special .. Like a lazy comforting number.. These days seeing as you don’t even need to get even a little dressed to go fetch the papers .. I figure that gives you more time to get a little creative about what to eat..

Now I was going to have beautiful caster kipper fillets for breakfast, with a soft poached burford buff egg.. A slice of pugliese Italian toast .. Drizzled with excellent quality first cold pressed olive oil.. And a cup of white tea..


That went a leetle wrong..

I think that may be for lunch instead now ..

Behold the mighty meat treat!

Two all beef patties flattened out for speed and flavour.. Cooked off in beef dripping.. An all beef Chicago dog split and cooked in the pan drippings..

Holey cheese for Mrs Fitz ( it is the sabbath after all right?).. Ahem.. Chef ping adjusting the texture a little..

Helping it meld into a more relaxed Sunday vibe..

Dogs dressed in their Sunday finest of ketchup and mustard..

Top on..

Excellent !

A meaty Sunday treat.. Take that muesli!!




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16 replies

  1. A very nice read – and excellent Sunday treat.


  2. I’m dying over here for one of those! By the way, here in L.A. you don’t have to get dressed to do anything! Sometimes when I go up to the neighborhood Starbucks (oh wait there are like 10 in my neighborhood) there are people arriving literally in their pajamas.


  3. I foresee a long walk with the hounds, in your (very near) future…!!



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