Chicken saag

‎Dunno why right now… yet am all about the injun..

So went for chicken saag.. with methi (fenugreek) and spinach.. sweated down onions in ghee.. ok.. it ain’t that good for ya.. yet c’mon now.. ghee is good.. let me hear ya.. chant it! GHEE IS GOOD GHEE IS Good..

Alright forget it..

Then some madras powder, amchoor (mango) powder salt tumeric and.. hmmm mebbe I forget.. anyways.. let them rock up for a while..

Then add the chuck.. organic free range number reduced from ‘that’ store.. no browning just straight in.. can of Italian sun tomatoes.. my grandfather Two-daddy (that was? No is his name).. he swore on the Italian canned tomatoes.. and jee-hee-zues could make the cooking!! That’s another story all together!!

A smudge of water.. and leave to do its thingy.

You know what? This one is freakin cool.. ‎kitchen smelling divine.. not stale spice.. not overpowering.. just nice an homely x

Well it cooked up well.. and turned it off and left it to settle..

Warmed up well.. and Mrs Fitz making delicious and puffy rotis.. with that gold standard atta flour.. it truly has to be the best around..

We ate well this evening.. very well x

Nite x

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  1. I see you ate not just very well but extra extra del. That picture number one makes my stomach grumble. Thanks for sharing!


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