Kebabs fit for a king

‎My mind wandered into the realms of turrets, elephants, pink castles, shimmering heat and starry nites.. all because of a reduced chicken in the local store.. x

I had thoughts of skinning the chuck, marry-nate-ing-it and ‎spatchcoking to roast..

Decided instead to turn it into the most delicious kebabs fit for a king.. all meats stripped from the bones.. a little pinhead rusk.. a splash of water, secret spices and through the medium grinder.. twice..x

My thinking was to create a true maharaja ‎delight.. something to make even the sternest rajput squeal like a baby.. and that a baby could indeed eat them.. so so so soft that you do not require a set of teeth to snaffle them. And light as a cloud.. (not a rain nor snow filled one!) x

And delicious they are.. magnificent to be fair.. and a small reduced chicken yields 32 of these beauties!!

In a turkish flatbread with a chopped salad of red romano peppe‎r, cucumber, red onion, scallion and crisp iceberg lettuce..

Beetroot and sour cream sauce, guacamole, and tatziki.. rolled bob marley style..x

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