Paul’s Pickles & a jaunt

Took Mr Wentworth out for a jaunt today.. as Mrs Fitz suggested good for us to get out.. and he is such a star in the truck x

We decided on Hitchin Market.. us supposed to be pretty good and have been following Paul’s Pickles on twitter.. good stuff by all accounts..

Now.. am not the keenest on pickles.. I must admit.. you don’t see me reaching for the jar or stalling a sandwich in anticipation.. and as for that ‘traditional’ ploughman’s number.. YeeeeUUuuukkk x mebbe if I ate cheese it would be different..

So off we set.. not too sure where I am going.. using a sat nav that has today decided that we need to take a proper scenic route.. so gods bless the 4×4!!

Ok.. we get to Hitchin.. now where is the place? Driving round and around.. called Father Fitz.. he was out so couldn’t help.. googled with the phone.. kinda got it.. then turned the corner.. saw the tops of the marquees.. cool

Pulled up.. had to buy a ticket to park.. lucky had car change.. you know that change you keep in the middle console? .. good job I had enough.. oh yeah and also the heavens had opened by now..

We sat in the truck awhile.. decided to brave it..

Mr Wentworth was the perfect star.. just enough tail wagging and friendly looks to get us through the crowds.. well I say crowds..

Is this market worth going to? Not for the food stalls.. sure they are ok.. yet not enough of em.. there are better markets far closer..! X

Found Paul’s pickles though.. he recognised Mr Wentworth first!! Said he knew his face.. that’s the blog and twitter for ya huh!

Anyhoo.. nice guy Paul.. we talked.. tasted.. and then traded.. me some Mr Fitz pork and welsh leek sausages.. and some doner kebab.. Paul’s pickles? A jar of Carriots of fire.. tasty to be fair.. looking forward to popping it into a wrap.. and the beetroot number for Mrs Fitz.. although am sure she is gonna love both x

I like trades like that and long they may continue.. I will see Paul’s pickles next weekend at a location closer to me.. maybe another trade ahead..? My cottage bacon should be ready! X

On the way back.. we stopped again at Franklins farm in sandy.. they do have the best poultry.. yet today was an open day.. and too busy.. didn’t buy anything as prices seem pretty darn hiked.. and I have bought stuff off em for years.. will hook them up at the next farmers market.. then a deal is to be had.. ahem x (did snaffle some of their 3 bird roast.. like a lot of snaffling.. and of course a hogs roast sarnie.. although bad bread, cheap apple sauce and wet stuffing didn’t add to the flavour.. and not generous enough.. boo

Nice day out.. a wee bit tired.. and Mr Wentworth needs a sleep..

To the pub x

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3 replies

  1. Hi there,

    How are you? I hope that the weather with you is not too cold!

    I work for Square Meal, a restaurant guide based in London. I’ve just been looking at your blog and really enjoyed reading it.

    I see that you do numerous restaurant blog posts and wondered if you’d be interested in linking them to Square
    Please see an example here:

    If you would like to know more, please do email me on

    I do hope that you are interested and look forward to hearing from you.

    With best wishes



    • Hi Ele

      Am well actually! sitting by my pool in lanzarote.. just marinated a cockerel for supper.. gonna be delicious!

      Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.. for sure would be happy to link it up.. how does one do that then? x

      Let me know..

      Mr Fitz x



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