Left over Tandoori chicken

Did I post yesterday about my Tandoori chicken? Don’t recall! X well it was gorgeous with bombay roast spuds x

Anyways.. What to do with left over chicken.. What better than that sooper dooper snack of sweet and sour chicken balls? Who needs that sweet and vinegary sauce. You know the one.. The lurid color the nasty way it gloops..

Maybe you have a better take out store than me yet it never seems to make me leap around.. (And I don’t leap for many things these days! )..

So.. A good batter made with Double dragon flour, you find that in a good chinese store, it really does make the best batter for light and crispy results. The half bottle of sparkly water that your wife left on the side.. And whoop it up till consistency of single cream.. MMMM cream nothing like those scones earlier today x

Ok.. Heat up some sunflower oil, I like it , it seems to make for good frying. Duck fat would be even better! If only she wasn’t watching! X

Dip the spare chuck in cornflower then the batter mix.. Don’t know why just seems good practice, am sure some scientist could tell us why! Fry it till golden brown.. I have served this with a good tamarind sauce, the savoury note seems to compliment it well..

Either way.. Enjoy the crispy puffs of chickeny goodness.. And worry about taking a walk tomorrow to delete the calories.. Although to be fair are there many really?

See you tomorrow for St Patrick’s extravaganza.. Belly pork outta the freezer already x

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