Cow-wing @pressurekingpro old school foods 

Cow wings? Huh? 

Yup beefs do indeed have wings.. very expensive ones!

Google it.. (sure other search things are out there yet hmm well the google gods have pretty much nailed it right?).. 

so starting with the cow wing.. in the iron pan.. with some beef dripping..

Adding carrots .. and potatoes .. and some big fat Peruvian garlic.. some fresh snipped garden rosemary .. we are so lucky to have a massive rosemary bush.. Mrs Fitz chopped half of it down as it was taking over and it’s still massive! And it all started from a store bought pot! 

and then all into the pressure king pro.. I am loving this new kitchen toy.. 

Just press stew button and walk away… 

pop back approx thirty minutes later..

Let the pressure off simple to do.. 

then a little hit up with tamarari sauce.. this is the money maker on this dish.. 

Just lifting out the cow wing and slicing it up.. a good hit of Viking smoked salt.. 

And toodletoodletoo… 

Now that’s what I call a fabulous supper.. ahem… 

possibly far too extravagant for the cow wing.. Yet hey ho! Whatcha gonna do right? 

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  1. I’ve never heard of a cow “wing”. Maybe shoulder blade???


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