Hacked up tikka chuck and cyprus chips wid tamarind & date sauce

decided against roasting the whole bird.. 

Just removing the big pieces .. Slashing them and adding a really good squirt of white vinegar, garlic and ginger paste , plus tikka spices from the national brand.. 


Straight on the bars of the oven., with a foil lined tray three bars down to catch the minimal juices.  

They will take about forty minutes.. 

More than enough time to peel some amazing cyprus potatoes.  

Cooking them once.. 

 Draining and cooking again to an amazing crispness and taste. 


The chicken done.. Still juicy.. Cool!

A swoosh of tamarind and date sauce.. And a sprinkle of coriander..


Perfect .. 

And pudding?

A selection of wham minis.. Ahem..


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  1. Nice chicken and chips right there 👌

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