Bucks star mushrooms 


Bucks star? What’s that all about?

Well .. I ‘discovered’ this local brewery .. They make the beer using solar energy.. And only use organic ingredients., I mean seriously these chaps are at the forefront of something massive !

Plus no fish bits and all that.. Thing is I like lager.. Not really a typical British pint type of a fella.. 

Yet I like theses people., and in true shaver ad style .. (Ok I didn’t but the company !).. Yet I had to get some., 


I will try drinking some.. Ahem.. 

Yet I have to admit with such a ‘live’ product I was more interested in cooking with it.. And man it doesn’t dissapoint! 

So let’s take some fantastic Chinese flour.. And make a batter!

 This was like adding water to a cute gremlin.. (In a good way)..

It got crazy alive.. 

Adding Nigella seeds, coriander, cumin, white pepper and salt.  Plus a good shake of Shake o’cini..


Into this quite explosive batter.. 


And frying off of course in straight up @mrsmiddletons oil..


And drained on ikea brown paper of course.. It’s getting to Christmas season and they take it away from ‘free vend’.. Real soon so hook yourself up quick!

A sprinkle of fresh coriander and a sauce of a New Orleans number store bought yet of exceptional quality.. 

 Do these rock?

(It’s pescatarian friendly..).. 



Yes sir they sure do.. 

@bucksstarbeer #rocks 


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7 replies

  1. Am always keen to try out new beers (so much for my diet. Again.) so thanks for the tip! And you’re using the Ikea brown paper again, I’ll have to give that a try!
    P.s. my handy little new meat grinder is on its way …


  2. Looks like tasty bar snack to me. Do you wash these down with more beer?

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  3. Welcome to Fiesta Friday, and what do we have here? They look like they would go down very well with that beer, cheers 🙂

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  4. This is really good one. X

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