@blythburgh brined shoulder of pork with inca bella roasties 

it’s that time of year for sure.. When the mind and belly turns toward the long cooked roasts.. The stews the warming comforty foods that make you smile.. And perhaps start to feel a little festive? ( it’s not far-away after all! ).. Ho ho ho hummm.. 🎄

Let’s start with this wonderful piece. Of blythburgh pork.. One of the best if not the best pork available in the UK.. 


My choice chopped expertly by Rob the butcher.. 

 Good lad! 

Now I don’t really brine meats prior to cooking yet thought I would give it a go.. 

So this little piggy ..


Went into this ziplock bag , with sugar , salt and star anise.. 


That was topped up with water.. 

 Into the fridge fur a couple of days to get its groove on., (admittedly I actually have no idea what kind of ‘groove’ that is right now..

Taken out .. Dried and salt , Bristol blend pepper and thyme on top. 

It is so tender that I would be scared to push my fingers to hard on it! 


Baby onions, French garlic cloves and garden Rosemary popped around it.. 

Then into the oven at 225 (real money degrees)..

And then covered with foil.. And theoven  turned down to 160.. For three and a half hours.. 


Check that out! 

Reserving some of the oil that has come out (that’s what the inca bella potatoes are gonna be roasted in..)., 

The roasting tray now has a wonderful amazing gloop .. 


You know what’s coming next right?

Yes indeedy doodle doo.. Squish those wonderful sticky onions and garlic cloves out of their skins.. 

Mush them up with the back of a fork.. Adding more thyme and kettle hot water..


A little shake o’cini.. And white pepper..

That’s an incredible pan juice gravy I tells ya!

Inca bella potatoes peeled and parboiled.. The oil juices from the pork spooned on top..


They go into the oven with the pork at 220 (again real money!).. Degrees..  Till nice and crisp.. This also crisps up the pork .. 
Spring greens, fine French green beans and chopped carrots make the veg .. The gravy warmed up ..

Some slices of pork .. 


The meat was so so tasty and juicy .. The brining thing really does work!  Am going to try it out on some other animal parts for sure! 
Was it really that good?


Yes sireeee! 

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6 replies

  1. I love to brine meat and pork is so delicious and with the star anise! The whole meal sounds scrumptious! Thank you for bringing this to Fiesta Friday! 🙂

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  2. Fabulous recipe. Thanks for the tips on brining.

    Liked by 1 person

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