Veally nice Dairymans/persons pie 

I have decided that this is to be called Dairymans pie.. Why?

Well we all know that cottage pie is from Beef.. (The animals nearest the cottage..).. And that shepherds pie is from sheep (grazing in the fields ).. And anything else is just wrong and should just simply be called X meat topped with potato pie thingy me bobby😏

So therefore this pie made with excellent rose veal (a by product of the dairy industry) must be called Dairymans pie.. Or Dairypersons pie of course! 

Starting from the top.. The TOPSIDE.. Hehehehe heeee..

Minced up., extravagant ? Yes indeedy.. 


While the mincer was out I also ground up onions , carrots and celery.. Which were fried off.. Half this meat added (the other half is for a kofta curry number).. And also some fresh marrowbone scraped out and added to really pimp up the flavour.. 


 Some excellent @highgrove beef stock added.. A shake of Worcestershire sauce.. A squeeze of ketchup and the mix is done.. Cooled whilst.. 
Parsnips and potatoes boiled and mashed with salt, white pepper and butter .. The root mix dolloped atop of the cooled meat.. 


A that in the oven once ‘fork-fluffed’.. And brushed with more butter to make extra crispy bits.. 

Could this have been made better with peas on the side? Yeah I think so yet it was very very (veally!).. Tasty .. Particularly with a squidge of ketchup.. 


There you go.. Dairymans pie.. 

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4 replies

  1. You are a bloody crack up. Dairy person’s pie indeed my friend 🙂

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  2. My local butcher hardly ever has veal, think I’ve only over picked up once for escalopes. Looks like a good pie!

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  3. Excellent. I have ranted before on the subject of what is and is not a cottage pie. With the temperatures hitting below zero, this is my kind of food.

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