Rose Veal schnitzel , cauliflower cheese and root mash

first of all yes indeed you there is a distinct lack of vegetables in the following.. I make no apology for that.. Sure we could of had done fine French beans, some white asparagus (actually that would have been rather good!).. Yet no.. We have no veggies.. Well we do .. Kinda I guess!

First the glorious veal, remember a while back I scored a good amount of excellent rose veal at an excellent price? Well this is a few pieces of the loin.. 


Popped in between clingwrap..

And beaten not too thin..

Then into seasoned and herbed beaten eggs.. Into yellow crumb.. And fried off in Uncle Bens wok..


The root veg mash for moi ..

Turns into this.. With a boiled garlic clove also and white pepper..


Beaten with butter for me.. 

And cauliflower cheese.. For Mrs Fitz.. Now this is not really the sort of thing I make.. Yet here goes.. Boiled cauliflower .. (Here’s a pic of it just I case you have never seen a cauliflower before.. Ahem 😉

 Boiled till knife point tender .. A cheese sauce store packet made with milk.. More red cheese added to that.. Then crushed garlic and parsley bruchettas for the crumb and then Parmesan.. Was going to make Parmesan crisps after a chat with my attorney.. Decided against it.. Mebbe next time.. Into the oven that went till bubbly and a little crispy on top.. 


(Look no veg).. 


Crackalacking supper though.. Gotta love schitznels!  


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4 replies

  1. Shit. I was thinking about doing a schnitzel tonight but opted for fried rice instead… now I think I want schnitzel… hmmm.

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  2. The root veg is enough for me.

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  3. Looks amazing to me! I wouldn’t miss the veggie.

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