Quick Turkey #Tacotuesday

it’s a simple as it reads.. 

First the turkey.. Which is stolen from some of the hounds stash.. (They are fantastic free range whole legs from a dear pal).. It’s already been roasted for them in the last couple of days.. They like it with brown rice and vegetables.. 

For us? The last bit of Turkish pepper, and shallots..


All fried up with some organic ghee from Holland.. 

 Taco spices added with the turkey..


All sizzle sizzle while cutting some cherry tomatoes and mixing with salsa.. Dolloping thick Turkish natural yoghurt spiked with urfa pepper.. And some shredded lettuce.. 

 And of course a good shaken shakey of our old friend #cholula 


Damn quick.. Damn tasty.. ✌️👐👌🎯 

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  1. Hound food is some of my favourite! Especially when we get stuck by the flood water and it’s all we have in the freezer.

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