Not humourus hummus 

decided to make hummus.. It’s easy right? Take chickpeas..

Get Mrs Fitz to spend almost an hour skinning them … That’s a job that’s a nightmare yet worth it..

Still doing it!

Then blitz with Tahini paste , a clove of garlic a pinch of cumin and a good amount of excellent olive oil.. Plus lemon and salt..




 A complete waste of food .. Complete waste..

Mrs Fitz was not amused .. 

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  1. Aw dear. I did not know you had to skin chickpeas!

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  2. That is pretty humorous. That always happens. You just need to add water until you get the consistancy you’re after 😜


  3. Hmm, I wonder what went wrong here. But sometimes, you can’t really find the answer. I also made no-bake cheesecake a week ago and I got runny filling even I followed the instructions.
    Anyway, when I made hummus, I add some water from the chickpeas – I don’t drain them all. If you don’t want to use it, try adding warm water little by little. 🙂

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  4. Still I am glad you posted. We need more posts like this . . . what’s REALLY goin’ on . . what it REALLY looks like in the kitchen. Mind you, I know that you have way way more successes than fails, but still. Let’s see it all! I do wonder though. More olive oil, more tahini. It gets pricey. Easier to buy for sure. I’ve never made hummus actually and I sure as bejesus would never skin a chickpea. Get a foodmill! Cheers. And by the way, I think you were a bit overachieving this FF????? Lots of posts ! All the better . . .


  5. Now this was funny. I can really relate to time and ingredients wasted. Very frustrating.

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  6. What went wrong? After all that trouble peeling as well, I bet the poor lady was not amused!

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  7. Heh! Some things just aren’t worth the effort when you can buy decent versions in the shops. First time I made hummus, the bloody stuff filled about six coffee jars – it just kept coming, like something out of John Hurt’s stomach in Alien!

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