Wonderful Weber & Merguez

So.. Weber built and complete.. What to cook on the first outing? Some of those burgers I made.. Some ribs.. And the last of the lamb chops.. Gotta get used to this new way of cooking.. It worked.. Yet had a few head scratching moments.. Coals hit? Yes.. Then coals cold.. Hmmm.. Re-build.. Ahaah!! Now we are cookings.. X

Serve with simple salad, dressed italian, pitta and cous cous..

And la piece de resistance.. Finally!! Made my own merguez.. You know how much I am loving the Merguez.. (With a help from all in attendance..) Mrs Fitz cleaned down the Lamb Shoulder.. Blitzed up the meat in the processor.. Then we added the following..

Paprika- 3 types.. Sweet and smokey, regular.. And picante..

Rose harissa

Fennel, cumin, coriander seed & garlicall bashed and mushed up..

Then onto the casings.. Ordered sheeps casings.. Gotta love the internet! Now old sport.. This is the first attempt ok.. So bear with me..


They are smelling .. Looking.. And tasting (tried the mix for checkings) frickin cool!!

Am so so happy and Mrs Fitz so proud.. They are resting on the fridge ala you tube info.. To be eaten soon.. X

We were so happy we put up the outdoor projector and watched pirates of the Caribbean in celebration.. Made a batch of old time popcorn that I brought back from Chicago.. With the addition of maple syrup, sea salt and butter oil.. Wonderful..

Lovely evening x

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  1. Liz and I think your blog is brilliant. You have a way with words. As Liz said, the joy just shines through. A privilege to read thank you



  1. Best of 2013 – July | Cooking with Mr Fitz

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