Tonites supper

Ok.. Last nite was a bigun.. And big fun.. My head hurted.. Think a little too much fun was had… Still it was cool.. So after a good sleeps.. And Mrs Fitz insisting on cleaning all the house.. Yup top to bottom .. Hoovering .. Bleachin.. Mopping.. Washing.. Clothes ironing.. It was like a whirlwind!!

Me and Mr Wentworth.. We tried helping.. Found it easier to wait it out upstairs.. X

Yet let’s get proper.. This is about food right?

Sparked up the weber.. Still a little head scratching.. Yet think I got there.. Ordered these tandoori skewers the other day.. Zorro would be proud of em.. I had one of those walking stick swords as a youngster.. And these are sharper and a heap nastier than them!!

So what to put on them?

Neck of lamb methinxizz… Simply marinated in soy, herbs, corsican black oil, and some bristol pepper.. (You know it by now right?)

Also? Some left over ribs.. And … And … AND..?????

The MERGUEZ!! Rock & roll!!

Any good.. Yup indeedy .. Maybe a littlew over cooked .. Perhaps the heat was a little high.. Anyways.. Loved em x mailed a few pals… They all wanted some.. X

And also a wonderful spud salad.. Green beans.. A whack of home dried herbage.. Butter and oil.. A splash of brown chinese vinegar.. Done! (Actually… $$$$$$$) x

Great tea.. Great company .. Great life.. X finishing off sat in the garden with an icecream..

And Mr Wentworth? Happy as with a piece of blue rope.. X

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