Sesame lamb ribs

Ribs.. It’s a weird one really.. I think you can’t get more ‘meaty’ than ribs..  Not in the quantity of actual meat yet more like the gnarly bone sucking thing that goes on.. I like em .. Mrs Fitz doesn’t…. Read More ›

Ribs!! (again)

‎More ribs.. pressure cooked again.. am diggin the pressure cooking yet.. hmmm.. am missing that long slow cook that happens in the oven or ‘Q’.. sure it works and must thank my pal Jack for turning me onto it.. I… Read More ›


‎Pressure cooked a bunch of ribs today.. it really does work.. get the pot to pressure and let it whistle away for 28 or so minutes.. release the steam.. and wah-la.. they are soft and done liked you had cooked… Read More ›

Tonites supper

Ok.. Last nite was a bigun.. And big fun.. My head hurted.. Think a little too much fun was had… Still it was cool.. So after a good sleeps.. And Mrs Fitz insisting on cleaning all the house.. Yup top… Read More ›

BBQ = summer?

Has summer started? At last? Sure felt like it yesterday.. After a morning painting the new vista… And a hot afternoon.. Had to fire up the coals!! Yay! I have gas power too yet there is something for sure about… Read More ›

Jacks ribs!

Ribs … MMMMMMMmmmmmm.. AAAHHHhhh… MMMmmmm x RIBS! a carnivores treat.. Ok let’s not get into any talks of bbq.. Or dry runs.. Or a wet mop.. Or anything else!! Am sure we are gonna have loads of different ribs shared… Read More ›

Ribs! Glorious Ribs!

You gotta love good ribs… There is something quite naughty about them, something that takes you back to being primeval.. Like you shouldn’t really be eating them.. Let alone sucking and chewing and eating them up like a contented dog….. Read More ›