Sesame lamb ribs

Ribs.. It’s a weird one really.. I think you can’t get more ‘meaty’ than ribs.. 

Not in the quantity of actual meat yet more like the gnarly bone sucking thing that goes on.. I like em .. Mrs Fitz doesn’t. Well I think it’s not dislike , more that she doesn’t get them.. I understand..

And anyways.. It means they are not often made.. 

These are lamb ribs though.. Sure pork is good and beefs also.. Yet lamb ribs have something a little different .. Not sure how to write that.. They just do.. 

Starting with the lamb ribs.. 


Marinated in muscavado sugar, Worcestershire sauce , and chilli, ginger and garlic sauce.. 

Into the foil lined tin.. A little water added to keep everything good.. 


Covered up and baked at 150 real money for two and a half hours.. 


Lifting them out of the tin with the handy new handles they have created.. 

And sprinkling with sesame seeds.. 



Nice warm.. Have kept some in the fridge though.. When chef ping hits them up again the sesame should take on a new note… Perhaps… 


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5 replies

  1. Taa-Daa indeed! These ribs look delicious!

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  2. I seriously love lamb ribs… And all ribs… Ok, I just love food 😜

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