Eggy bread and rough cut bacon

eggy bread.. Yeah!👍

French toast? Nah.. Tell it like it is.. Eggy bread. And it’s good..

Good eggs..(just one here).. Whooped and a couple of just turning pieces of French bread.. 


The bacon is a stick of home cured and smoked..  Rough sawn off ..

(That’s a pic of mick jagger.. Put it there for father..)., 

Back to the frying.  


How lovely does that look huh? Yeeeeaaahhhhh… Mmmmmmm…


Dust it with caster sugar? Nope.. 

A drop of tommy k… 

Great breakfast.. Great.. 👌


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7 replies

  1. Brilliant. My mum always called it eggy bread too 🙌


  2. Your photo looked do good that I had to make this for breakfast too! I used rosemary herb bacon. ..

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  3. Great meal, love eggy bread or french toast or pain perdu, however it’s called it wonderful and with the bacon superb. My Jagger was young in that photo.

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  4. Thanks for the photo….strongly recommend dusting eggy bread with half a nutmeg, (and maple syrup on bacon). X

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