Elderflower cordial easy peacey.. 

It’s elderflower time.. 

And that’s a wonderful thing in my book.. 

My neighbour complains that the elders are a pest.. Nah.. They are a rare treasure.. Coveted .. 

The champagne is happening over the weekend.. 

Hope it’s better than last years ..! 


Although last years was delicious indeed.. ( the bit we had..).. Ahem.

This year have started with a cordial inspired by my blogger pal ginger.. 


She’s gonna be on telly! 

So first the elderflowers .. 

It’s simple this.. And once you see the cost of it in the stores you will want to make it yerself!

Get the elderflowers.. Shake em for ‘protein’ additions.. ( bugs!).. 


About 25+ is good..


Into a solution of sugar and lemons.. 


The citric acid powder is new on me for this kinda thing.. Yet if  http://gingerandbread.com says it! Then let’s try it right? 
All jarred up.. 


Three days in the fridge am told.. 

Hoping for greatness!


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12 replies

  1. What’s the citric acid do?


  2. Sounds tasty. I have never tried elderflowers. Not sure if we have them in Ohio. I do know a few mixologists who work with them. Thanks for sharing with Fiesta Friday #72. Have a great week.

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  3. P.S. I was in a bit of a rush when preparing my cordial this year, so it has some added protein. I did filter is very carefully, though, but that was after the steeping process. I guess it will be ‘not suitable for vegetarians’ this year.

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  4. Ha ha, very funny … btw, my champagne is still going strong! I am regularly de-pressurising it, though, having these visions of ‘Fireworks a la Fitz’ ……..

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  5. Yum! Elderflower is one of my favorite flavors. I wish they grew in Hawaii so I could make this cordial. I will just have to wish for the day when I can get my hands on some. 😢 Until then, I’ll just make some cocktails and add a bit of St. Germaine….not the same but it will have to do. 😀

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  6. Love it! We don’t have elderflowers in Colorado so unless I time my UK visits with elderflower blossom time, I have to resort to buying it in IKEA. Not bad but just not as good as home-made 😀

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