Chicken leg tikka ? That’s a wrap!

seeing how that last lot of chicken tikka was so delicious it needed another outing.. This time a slight twist  on the seasonings.. 

First the leg meat.. Bones and googly bits cut out, ( good to have hounds at this stage.. ).. 


Boned out legs are a great find..  Saves a heap of time and piles on the taste..
The seasoning courtesy of the Shan family. With extra garlic and ginger and lemon juice.. Some oil too.. And some natural yoghurt.. 


Marinated for a full day.. 


Skewered and popped straight into the oven bars.. The weather really is too shocking for coals.. This is a great method .. Unless you have clean oven phobia ! We are lucky to have a very neat oven that has a clean me setting.. 


It don’t take long and just one turn..


Delicious indeed! Yummy doodle doo!!

Breads of course.. Just gold flour and water .. 


Puffed up straight onto the gas..  
Keeping each bread warm in a wrapped up tea towel..


With a fridge chopped salad.. That’s just stuff found in the fridge.. Nice though.. 


The best bit? 

Enough to give away some as a gift to a pal.. And enough to keep in the fridge as Scooby snacks and another outing as a supper featured here soon.. 



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  1. Breads straight on the flame – eff yes. And the rest of it – eff yes too


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