Leetle T-bone lamb choppies BBQ’ued

Having got the Middle Eastern butcher to run these through the bandsaw to get them as thin as possible..taking off the tail yet leaving a perfect little T.. I hit them up with the linghams sauce..


Garlic, chilli, ginger , sugar and vinegar.. Perfect! 


And to cook em? 


Fire! (Well once it died down ).. 


The weber is actually a little broken right now.. I can’t move the handle for the air vents or to let the ash move down.. Don’t want to yank it for fear of breaking it all together.  Will keep you posted .. 

The chops take minutes.. Lucky while the fire was getting its groove on I boiled some of the excellent jersey royals..buttering them with outrageously tasty French butter with salt crystals in.. 


Before crushing them up on the weber with some corn on the cob.. Why is corn on the cob so good over fire? 


Simple supper.. Meat and two veg! 


Ok so it may not win a beauty pageant .. It wins hands down on taste..


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  1. My idea of a perfect meal! Look great! Cheers

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