BBQ.. Pressured ribs..

Jack has been extolling the virtues and wonders of pressure cooking the ribs prior to marination.. I have always been a fan of the low and slow.. Yet have succumbed.. Chop the ribs.. Twenty minutes on setting 2.. They do indeed cook lovely and soft in that time..

Sauced in marinade.. Of stokes BBQ sauce, soy, and balsamic .. Maybe some other bits too..

Beef dusted in spice, skewered.. An onion spiked.. And some sausages made the other day.. Not enough fat content I think.. Gonna have to rethink that.. X and of course some burgers from the stash..

And webered up.. Well.. Webered about.. Just couldn’t get the temp up.. Even added more coals.. Really gotta get this together.. Need to do some research.. Tried out some apple woodchip too.. Boy they smoke good! Cool.. Well.. The ribs got cooked, the beef kinda (and Mrs Fitz will be making a biriyani for tonites tea with it), sausages? A bit boring.. Ribs? Nice.. X burgers fine.. Yet needed a finish in the kitchen!

Mrs Fitz cooked us burger and chips … I need to work on understanding the weber a bit more.. Ahem x

Does the pressure cooker work for the ribs?

Yes I think it does old sport x

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