Jacks ribs!

Ribs … MMMMMMMmmmmmm.. AAAHHHhhh… MMMmmmm x

RIBS! a carnivores treat.. Ok let’s not get into any talks of bbq.. Or dry runs.. Or a wet mop.. Or anything else!! Am sure we are gonna have loads of different ribs shared here.. I have many many faves.. And have eaten some of the bestest ever!!

My mate Jack however has a great way of cooking ribs.. From the most amazing pork ribs I get from the Woburn butchers post bacon making.. Sold at less than scrap these are truly truly fricking amazing!! Yet of THE highest quality possible for such a rib..

Jack’s recipe is detailed ala his page of notes.. In brief though.. Followed by a heap of pics! :

So are you sitting comfortably? Then let’s begin x

Get amazing ribs from ya good pal Mr Fitz.. Who has an unnerving passion for sourcing delightful meats from eclectic and home spun producers.. (Ahem) x

Then.. Defrost them on the mind boggling science smashing defrost plates.. ( These are weird science.. Trust me! I have tried them and something from another world happens! )

Chop em.. Put in pressure cooker..

Make sauce..

Coat ribs in sauce..

Devour them! ( I would crisp them up a bit more.. Jack like the glutinous kinda taste.. He also makes great trotters. That’s another post!) X

Thanks Jack for sharing!

(And check out my post on ribs maybe tomorrow.. This needs a heap of thinking and posting! ) After attending the washington DC national pork BBQ championships.. I reckon I can be a bit clever about the subject.. Plus I LOVE RIBS!! X be they beef short ribs, piggy porky classics, lamb of many many countries and flavors, goat in a classic greek stylee or horse.. (Shhhh) x

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