Ribs!! (again)

‎More ribs.. pressure cooked again.. am diggin the pressure cooking yet.. hmmm.. am missing that long slow cook that happens in the oven or ‘Q’.. sure it works and must thank my pal Jack for turning me onto it..

I do though think that the next lot will be made the old way.. just a feeling.. there is something more visually appealing to me ‎with a whole side of ribs.. perhaps that carnivore thing where you get to tear into them.. dunno x

Anyhoo.. made up some more.. the marinade got a wee bit eclectic !

First place washed and cut ribs into steamer pan in pressure cooker.. bring it up to steam.. then time it for 20 mins..

Undo steam.. and ahh waaa laaa.. you have porky greatness..

Toss in marinade gently.. they seem to break otherwise..

Put in a ziplock bag.. and let those flavors meld..‎ they suck up the juice good.. also Father mailed me a piece from the NY Times talikng about the post marinade.. a dry rub is always good yet this talks about the actual benefit of a wet marinade.. I agree with it to a point.. although think of those other lovely dishes that have to be marinaded in liquid.. coq au vin.. venison in red wine.. tandoori chuck.. lamb choppies for sure! X

It’s interesting.. and a good comment yet history has shown that a wet marinade does work.. even if it’s just to please you in the cooking piece huh?


It’s an open topic.. makes for a good conversation .. over a cold juice.. and a grill of course! X

Black Himalayan salt
Garlic powder
Onion powder
Togarashi seasoning
Chef pauls sweet and spicy seasoning
Worcestershire glaze
Smokey BBQ glaze
Soy sauce

Oh and a picture of my mate Walters chips.. he does a great Saturday breakfast.. with all the trimmings.. including fresh chips.. (don’t even get me started on that topic! X)


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