Ribs! Glorious Ribs!

You gotta love good ribs… There is something quite naughty about them, something that takes you back to being primeval.. Like you shouldn’t really be eating them.. Let alone sucking and chewing and eating them up like a contented dog..

So, trying to use up deep freezer food I have a wonderful bunch of free range ribs purchased before christmas, they were the by product of Woburn country foods bacon production.. How much did they cost? Well.. Think.. No think again.. Nah you aint gonna get it! ONE ENGLISH POUND! Per side!! Now that’s recession busting eating x

I like ribs, my friends like ribs.. Sheesh they even make TV shows just about the things!

This is how tonites are going so far, to be fair we eating them tomorrow nite as a late nite snack.. First.. Take off the silvery skin piece on the underside of them.. I went to the Washington DC pork BBQ championships a while back.. It was truly wild and one of the best ever experiences.. I will post about that soon.. Have to run a separate folder on ‘memorable memories’. Will get around to that..

Dry rub… Spinach leek parsley dill chives thyme basil smoked paprika umami powder dark brown muscavado sugar…

Covered up.. Going to put it into the magic oven (fridge) overnite to get them to do their thang..

Then to be placed in the smoker bag, they are quite neat when spring doesn’t seem to want to appear.. Saw some daffodils and snowdrops though so that’s quite nice x

Will update when cooked!

Tonites tea?

Pie an mash peas an corn x

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  1. I couldn’t wait that long!! Get the defrost tray, pressure cook the defrosted ribs for 45 mins. marinade in your favourite mix for as long as you can then heat through. If you like put under grill to caramalise and serve (share if you must!!!).


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