St Patrick’s day chinese

So.. Having to make those cliché paddys day foods just wasn’t sitting well with me.. Decided instead (after a heap of dialogue from my beautiful irish country girl wife).. Let’s ‘fusion it up’ plus she wanted Udon noodles for ages!

Right: taking some good quality belly pork and having the fat (or should I say oil) left over from last nites tea still sitting in the wok.. Cutting it up into manageable pieces, coating in cornflour, adding some bicarb ala breaking bad chemistry techniques, frying in batches and putting into the keep warm (60 degrees oven) to store whilst drinking a very nice Labatts Blue.. (Is that advertising?).. Other lagers are available of course!

Over to veg.. Real nice long stem broccoli, peas, sweet corn, chopped mushrooms , pre-chopped as were on a special in the local store, roscoff garlic, that sure is the sweetest, ginger, and red onions.. Fry em up in some golden olive oil, added some stir fry soy sauce (I forget the name).. Kitchen now smelling wicked! I would LOVE to live next door to me!

Noodles?.. Crazy hot pan.. Udon from the pack.. Why bother soaking them when they are so good in packs now.. Flash fry, little kikkoman soy and oyster and spring onion sauce.. (0.59 GBP from walmart) ohe yeah and some number 5 umani paste stuff.. Mmmm x

Smack it all together.. Heat the bowls in the mickey wave..


Lovely supper.. Just finished off with a small walk to work it off a little and feed the foxes the remaining pork, (right or wrong? Feck it we all gotta eat) x

Desert soon x

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