‎Pressure cooked a bunch of ribs today.. it really does work.. get the pot to pressure and let it whistle away for 28 or so minutes.. release the steam.. and wah-la.. they are soft and done liked you had cooked em’ for ages..!

Joose up a marinade.. I have gone for two types.. one stokes bbq sauce loosened up with water soy and crabbies ginger and sweet chilli sauce.. (have had that for ages yet never quite knew what to do with it!).. and a blackbean.. garlic, onion powder, Worcester sauce.. sauce..

While the ribs are still warm.. dunk them in the marinade.. then bag em’ up.. letting those meldy flavors develop.. this is lovely..

Leave for as long as you can.. then cook in the oven at 200 till warm an gooey..

Blinkin good.. x


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