‘curing’ with Mr Fitz..

‎Well.. after an anxious week of waiting.. turning.. wanting to leave the darn thing alone! Looking prodding and staring..

Mr Fitz first organic Maple cured bacon is alive! (or well dead.. depends how you look at it I suppose..hmm x)

Got the cure on-line at tongmasters, that where I get the casings for the sausages also.. seemed easy enough.. actually seemed far too easy! Still go with it.. had a lovely reduced loin of pork from the store.. Ahhh you get it by now! And took the skin off.. didn’t keep it to make cracklin.. maybe post delight of making bacon I should have..

I think I took a little too much of the fat off.. still this is now no problem for those that don’t like to eat their rinds huh?

So into the zip lock baggy it went.. and has been dutifully turned and given a little shake maybe twice a day..

Still the magic has happened, no more store bought ‘snotty’ rashers for me Mon ami.. no siree..

Have distributed a bunch, with a couple of the sausages to a few pals today.. let’s see the feedback..

Now.. maybe a chicken for the eggs.. hmmm x


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