My attorneys last supper..

‎Well ok.. not really.. yet the last of the attorneys recipe bolognese found in the deep freeze.. and mighty fine it was too! Little squeeze of Bomba paste.. that stuff really is the best ever tomato based paste in the world.. try it and I am sure you will agree..

Made some garlic and herb bread by mixing up some of that fantastico Italian mix with some fresh garlic from when we picked it the other week.. and butter.. and wowee doodle dandy.. it was deeee-lishhhh-oooos x

And for starters we had padron peppers.. you gotta love these things.. the taste is wonderful and then every now and then…


A whack of heat.. it’s like Russian roulette with tapas.. superb! X I remember eating once with my attorney and his wife.. she got three whacks in a row! Now that’s gotta be a record!

They truly are wonderful and have to be eaten.. just simply fried in olive oil and shifted in maldon sea salt..


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