BBQ = summer?

Has summer started? At last? Sure felt like it yesterday.. After a morning painting the new vista… And a hot afternoon.. Had to fire up the coals!! Yay! I have gas power too yet there is something for sure about ‘real’ fire..

What to cook? Well… Mama was round a while back and we had a day of marination.. And she is a committed vegan!! Thanks for the help Mama.. So had a whole range of wonderful meats.. Just itching to nestle themselves over ash covered white hot coals..

What did we have?.. Ribs.. Slow-cooked in the last of the cajun spices that Father got me from New Orleans.. 160 in the oven.. Dressed with Budweiser honey BBQ sauce..

Spatchcocked baby chickens.. In a tandoori youghurty marinade.. Straight on the grill for them..

Lamb chops.. Marinated in a creamy spicy tikka mix from shan..

A bone for Mr Wentworth.. Left over from a rib of beef..

Oh.. Coals still hot… Cooked burgers.. Straight.. (Just had the burger sandwich for lunch.. Yummy doodle doo x)

For accompanist dishes? Cous cous.. Citrusy stylee, with a good smudge of the corsican black olive oil.. A ‘slaw’ made with Newmans ranch dressing.. And a salad with red onions, tomatoes, garlic tops, bugs bunny carrots, red, green & yellow peppers.. Frizzy lettuce.. Dressed in an italian dressing (gods bless newmans huh! ) X

Sitting under the newly painted vista.. Listening to the highlights from glastonbury.. The night drawing in and cold beers and even colder bubbly.. Life is sweeet sometimes..

Finished up? With chocolate brownies donated by our neighbor.. They bake real well! With blackcurrant clotted cream ice cream.. Nite!!

PS: gotta mention my attorneys pulled pork that he had whilst my coals were firing.. Bet it was tremendous.. X

Is summer here..? Nah.. Am in long pants and long sleeves again today.. Boo..

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