Meaty scraps rice fry!

You know I keep those scraps of meats.. Small bags.. In the freezer for the rainy day rice frys..?

Well ok not rainy today.. In fact blinkin hot! (Did rain this morning though… That fine misty rain..) The kind of rain that reminds you that you really should have brought the washing in.. Ahem x

Ah well .. Its dry now!

So.. Rice fry today.. Meats? Dutch chicken franks.. Lamb from the kebabs.. Some ornage marmalade ham.. What else.. Ummm some pork and leek sausage… White onion, pepper, garlic, peas and a carrot..

All sweated up from frozen.. In mild olive oil.. The addition of a good shake of New Orleans sweet & spicy herbs.. (Courtesy of Father.. That really is them all finished soon!)

Jasmine thai raice.. A good dash of that stir fry kikoman soy.. Nice that stuff.. Sweet and salty.. Cool!

Schummy schummy schoo in the pan..

Eaten and enjoyed.. The peas really add another level to this..

Very nice x

(Oh and made some more sausages for tomorrow.. Pork with lebanese spices! Like that style.. Arabic meets the swine.. )

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