Fish Suppers..

Been eating a wee bit too much red meat! .. So gone simple.. Lemon sole goujons.. And crinkle fries.. As you know am not one for fish yet these are like posh fish fingers is all! X

Father on the other hand is having a wonderful time on a greek island.. Check out his fish! Now that’s a bit too far for me.. Yet am sure it was divine! I think it got a little lost in translation yet finally established the type.

Congrats if you just looked at it and said…

Fish was a red gurnard,also known as a swiftfish after the bird a swift ( like a swallow). Greek spelling is chelidonichthys.

He is staying on a beautiful piece of land by all accounts.. With a good pal of his.. So that’s cool.. X

From what I understand you can pick all you like in the gardens and have them to eat.. They might get a little upset I suppose Ifi were to “pick’ one of the small piggies… Bet they are de-swine! X (geddit?) Hhahah x

And its hot.. Mr Wentworth having apple juice with a bluebberry ice cubes.. I quite like them also…

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