Jacks Greek Salad

In the theme of Greece… (and Father disturbed a theif in the night on the Greek Farm last nite… scary huh? they got his iPhone and some cash.. lucky.. x) (thoughts with you Father x)20130720_172238[1] 20130720_172338[1] 20130720_181949[1] 20130720_175337[1]

My mate Jack has sent me the first thing he has made with his first charlotte spuds.. and boy they look good.. Jack does indeed grow very well indeed, not to mention the ‘moonshine’ he is VERY capable at creating!! x (Heaps of the stuff .. replicas of some of the worlds best spirits!

Jack likes recipes.. he has a mind for methodical cooking… I love the text he sent me to go with these pics…

“I thought I would like to use my new Charlotte potatoes lifted yesterday for something to eat tonight. The potatoes were the best I have tasted EVER. However the dressing in the recipe was crap. Needs some experimentation. …”

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