Paris supper 1

Good supper last nite..

Ok.. Been eating a little too much meat over the last few days.. And to be fair feeling a little colon heavy!! Very good food at cafe prix.. As you would expect..

Starter? Wonderful melon with a crisped hammy thingy.. Delicious..

Main.. Very well cooked fillet, for sure I would normally never take a fillet, I would go for a hanger steak with frites (real of course!x )

Was beautiful and a wonderful gratin.. Topped with what I think were meat juices.. And ‘set’.. Perhaps under a eyelevelgrill? Very good though and will now featire for the dishes in the fall in the fitzgerald house x

Dessert? Well of course.. Fantastic.. Apricot, mousse, shortcakey.. Well very good.. And of course great vin and a green tea to finish x

Paris in the springtime? Nope.. Paris in the summertime is equally cool x

(My companions.. Burrata.. Monkfish.. And as you can see by the menu…x)

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