Tuesday nite supper – stormy weather!!

Big storms today!! Like BIG.. That hard straight rain that falls in a straight line!!

After a couple of pints in a very smelly and humid pub.. With the lovely locals of varying quality.. (Love you all chaps! X).. So sat outside.. Have a problem with the landrover.. Still same problem ACE fluid.. Leaking.. From somewhere.. Feck it! Will get it fixed soon..

Also a problem with mailing my attorney? Something not right .. He not getting my mails! And trust me.. A heap of them are important! Luckily I can still mail from the crackberry and it appears that all is well now! Great! X

So to eat?

Thinking of this lsd food.. Not the drug.. The mix and combo.. Gone for a steak thing .. Ovened ciabaTta .. Swiped with aubergine paste .. A very good one to be fair..

A salad of rose hearts lettuce, white onion, romano pepper and some garlic tops outta the garden.. Easy..yet really tasty indeedo!

Topped with webered up thin steaks.. Just pink.. A parachute drop of that bristol blend pepper over the top.. Amazing olive oil from chile.. Some sea salt to finale..

They are fricking cool man.. Proper cool so so so easy to do and look so glamorous.. Lovely indeed! X

As well? why.. We have a heap of burgers! So .. Perfectly cooked through.. Drizzled with pomegranate syrup… That lebanese one..

Whilst on syrups.. Check this out.. You know those scotch pancakes? Like a drop scone? Well.. And seriously old sport.. Mes ami.. Bladey blahdah.. X butter them lightly (thanks Mrs Fitz..) And a touch of canadian maple syrup..

THE SAUSAGES!!! BBQ’ued to goodness.. Eat ’em like a taco.. I reckon this is the future people.. STOP!……….

Think about it!

The savory home made sausage..ok? Got it? Mouthwatering huh?

Now move onto a salty yet sweet.. (Juices going yet? X) .. Buttery soft squishy pancake.. Not a crepe..not a buckwheat.. A proper old fashioned number.. .. Yeah you got it!

Whack em gently together..


And to finish?

A trio of ice creams.. Strawberry, blackcurrant and tiramisu.. Served with a crushed flake…

Ummm need to be at the docs for the blood test result at 0840hrs!!! Better stop now.. Although perhaps just a small pice of candy?.. (Well as long as Mrs Fitz don’t read this quick enough.. I should be cool.. Gods speed.. Shhhhh x)

And Mr Wentworth is gettin freakin heavy.. Trust me .. That’s the Lilys food for ya!

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