Italian Barolo stew with two types of potatoes .. Roast an buttermilk parsley mash..meat and three 

meat and three.. Umm well possibly  more than three.. Yeah am sure there was more than three .. Let’s see what happens and how this runs… 

Starting with my favourite cut of the cow.. The hanger steak.. A true delights in steaky muchness..

Real hard to lay your hands on good ones in the UK. . If you know any different then jolly good luckiness to you! 

I scored this fabulous piece from a pal that has wonderful well hung beasts.. 

Start with browning it beef dripping and butter.. Yeah! Let’s write that up again right! BEEF DNTIPPING AN D BUTTER.. Yeah… 

Ooh.. Right lets get this groove on.. 

Adding celery , carrots and chestnut mushrooms.. The Italian paste that was smuggled back from a trip to Italy a good while back.. That’s what gives this its delight!

The two types of potatoes ?

Roast.. Tumbled in butter and the most delightful frozen Italian herb mix from waitrose.. You need this packing your life I tells ya! 

The other? A half carton of buttermilk and fresh parsley.. Cypriot salt and black beaten pepper.. 


This is eating proper .. Proper .. 

After the fabulous Italian stew has also been into the crockpot for hmmmm three hours perhaps? Maybe more?

The greens are expertly hotted up by chef ping… 


That’s phucin ( see what I did there! ) BIG time tastyness.. 

Ok.. The Valium/melatonin induced like post eating state was pleasant although quick.. 

Snoring abound! 

Great meal.. In the words of a Scottish pal of mine?  

Would I make it again? 

In a New York minute… 


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  1. My kind if meal … lots of taters. 😊🍴


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