Red ticket lamb loin corn tortillas in smuggled cork smokehouse rub with sweet and sour pomegranate sauce

long title that one!

First the smuggled rub.. Smuggled back from y favourite markets on the planet .. The English market in cork eire.. What a fabulous place ! I love having a wander through.. and we have to make it every time we go to Mrs fitz’s home country .. 


Finding this rub was very cool.. The restaurant that it comes from was closed for a refurb.. So this pop up was present.  Perfect!

Good veggie rice into the rice cooker..

The red ticket lamb loin cut up and the rub rubbed.. Then cooked in the iron pan.  
A salad made .. Just from bits and pieces.. And the fabulous Turkish sweet and sour pomegranate sauce.. 

Ready for the money shot? It’s all placed into a warmed corn tortilla.. 


BOOM! There you go!  

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