Minestrone- was going to be vegan. Umm didn’t happen.. 

So I was going to go for a vegetarian/ vegan super soup.. 

Well it began that way.. Waitrose are doing these fabulous new packs of stuff.. So thought would give it a go.. I do like thick soups… Probably don’t eat them enough.. 

So the mix sautéed off.. Sautéed that.. Let’s be honest.. It’s fried.. Not broiled either !

Then Italian tomatoes added .. Don’t bother with the chopped ones.. Just not worth it.. 

And now the bit where it went from vegan to non veg… 

Adding chicken stock.. French unsalted butter .. And some wonderful Flanders ham.. 


That bomba paste is the business! And also had some fabulous Italian black cabbage .. Love that stuff! In it goes …

Then burn some bread.. Yup burn the bread.. Straight on the gas..  
That’s rubbed with some cut Patagonian garlic…

And a wahlaa..


With a glass of cold Calvert .. 


Simply superb..  

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  1. I love soups and minestroni, especially in autumn/winter days. This seems really tasty. However, i was looking at the “Knorr chicken stock” and “Bomba”paste: in Italy just don’t exist! (maybe a tomato paste that we call “ortolina”)..anyway…yumm


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